New Comics... This December!

Gibbons tend to be thought of as the reject apes, for they aren't nearly as well known as gorillas and chimpanzees, nor nearly as hilarious as orangutans. Bonobos, on the other hand... Whoops! I started writing for the wrong blog! Uh, anyways, um... Strange Comics for Strange People #4 and Freakshow Squadron Comics #6 will be coming out December 2014! Yay! The Strange Comics for Strange People issue focuses a lot on Scythe's previously hinted past, along with Erika furthering her quest to become an epic super-sorceress! Freakshow Squadron Comics #6 starts with the team eating at a food court, and then a bunch of neato stuff (that would be horrible, horrible spoilers to say here) happens!

Happy Halloween 2014!

Hope you all had a happy Halloween or Hallowe'en or All Hallows' Eve or whatever you call it!  Just 'cause the day's ended, though, doesn't mean the fun has to stop! We've just posted two more Free Online Samplers, including the Halloween issue of Strange Comics for Strange People! Boo!

Usually we here at Hypno Brain Comics celebrate Halloween by playing some "Friday the 13th" for the Nintendo Entertainment System (or the "NES" as we call it in the biz), but this year we just watched "Paranormal Activity" and some episodes of "Twilight Zone". Well, to be honest, we would have watched some "Twilight Zone" regardless since we're halfway through the first season DVD, but I just wanted to make it sound like we did a whole bunch for the occasion. Anyway, now that Halloween's over and our candy stash has been replenished...

Strange Comics for Strange People #2 Eight Page Sampler

Here's the first eight pages of the story from Strange Comics for Strange People #2 by Kevin Martin.

Copyright © Kevin D. Martin

Freakshow Squadron Comics #2 Eight Page Sampler

Here's the first eight pages of the story from Freakshow Squadron Comics #2 by Tom Martin.

Copyright © Thomas R. Martin

Other World Comic Con wrap up

A big whopping "thanks!" goes out to everyone who bought from us at Other World Comic Con this past weekend, much appreciated! Hope you all enjoy reading our comics, and I hope people can connect and relate to them. Tom bought some fun little pieces of art, some of which is now hanging on his wall.

And get your hopes up, 'cause both Freakshow Squadron Comics #6 and Strange Comics for Strange People #4 are in the inking stage, so things are rolling. Here's Tom at the convention taking a break from inking to smile for the camera. Kevin's sitting over there on Tom's left, but you can't see him 'cause he's a vampire, and, y'know, vampires don't show up in photos. They just don't for some reason.