We'll be at Mighty Con 12-13-14

We missed the last Mighty Con due to us being at Other World Comic Con the same day, but on December 13, 2014 we'll be back! Like before, it'll be at the DuPage County Fair Grounds in Wheaton, IL, but this time around it's going to be in the larger building and seems like it'll be their biggest show yet! The new comics we just released will be there, and so should you!

Speaking of new comics, Tom's well into penciling Freakshow Squadron Comics #7, and even getting a lot of plotting done for future issues. Kevin is currently plotting Strange Comics for Strange People #5, which will mainly star Valerie in her pursuit to get some of her poetry published in an upcoming volume of Necroetry. How exciting!

Newest Comics Ever!!

It's December, and you know what that means -- Krampus is getting ready for his big, annual kidnapping spree! Make sure to hurry and get Hypno Brain Comics' latest releases, 'cause if Krampus is comin' for you, there won't be another chance! 

This time around, we have new issues of both Freakshow Squadron Comics AND Strange Comics for Strange People! Click here to get Freakshow Squadron Comics #6 at indyplanet.com, and then click here to get Strange Comics for Strange People #4!

Dr. Wilbur Scythe: Character Bio

Dr. Wilbur Scythe is the deviant scientist who pieced together and reanimated Scythe. He also took the role as Scythe's father figure.

"Grampa" (Monstrosity's grandpa): Character Bio

Monstrosity's grandfather is a kigurumi, sort of like a mascot, who lives in Japan and helps remind people to always check to see if their tires are properly inflated. He gave Monstrosity her first paint set when she was a pre-teen. She showed her gratitude by giving "Grampa" her first painting, "Berry-Baby Riding Pepo-Potamus".

Vid: Character Bio

Vid is an Extallite from the planet Extalla. He loves gadgets and tinkering with electronics, but not as much as he loves his wife Plink.