Freakshow Squadron Comics #7 news!

Just got back from a comic convention (not one that we were set up at, but one where we did some mad shopping) and found the test copy of Freakshow Squadron Comics #7 had come in the mail. All looks well with it, so it should be available for purchase at the next convention we do attend with intent to sell.

Also, Strange Comics for Strange People #5 is now all inked, so it can't be too much longer... can it?

And duh wha huh? There's gonna be another new Hypno Brain comic coming... but not a Freakshow Squadron or a Strange Comics for Strange People?! That's correct. More information on this mystery project later on...

Welcome new galleries!!!

Ever wondered what a certain issue of a Hypno Brain Comic is like? Well, just check out the new Issue Gallery page we've added to find out! There, you'll see pictures of each cover, along with a description of the issue's contents, including the number of pages. Join the ranks of the Hypno enlightened by clicking here.

Oh, and a dozen virtual cookies to anyone who caught that the post title is a Super Mario Galaxy reference.

Issue Gallery

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- Freakshow Squadron Comics

- Strange Comics for Strange People

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Strange Comics for Strange People Gallery

Strange Comics for Strange People #1

Meet the four residents of an unusual, ratty boarding house and their landlord. Chock-full of the occult, abnormal dinner conversions, poetry, status-quo confusion, social dilemmas, and more!

25 pages

Strange Comics for Strange People #2

It's Halloween! Erika and Desmond go trick-or-treating, leaving Scythe and Howard to stay home to graciously pass out candy to the other trick-or-treaters… though Howard has other plans! Meanwhile, Valerie summons a ghost for a celebration of death! Lots of fun, follies, and more await in this spooktacular issue!

37 pages


Strange Comics for Strange People #3

Erika goes to the comic book store to buy the first issue of a series she's hyper excited for. And on the way there, she experiments with her magick powers in a whole new way! Plus the big shocker of this issue: Does Desmond reveal to Erika his feelings towards her? And don't forget: Antique guillotine! A poem! Stubby Cryptids! And more!

29 pages


Strange Comics for Strange People #4

In this 45 pager, you'll delve into the previously hinted past of Scythe, witness Erika getting her superhero duds, and experience Valerie's search for her lost book Necroetry Volume II. Introduced this issue is a new backup feature, “Howard's Jots of the Weird” — surveys into the occult, the supernatural, and other such neat stuff!

45 pages

Freakshow Squadron Comics Gallery

Freakshow Squadron Comics #1

The Freakshow Squadron go for a walk, climb a tree, find a dead bird… then trouble erupts when the menacing Dr. Kreature interferes! Lots of weirdo fun for all! Plus, bonus comic “Garbage Bomb”!

24 pages

Freakshow Squadron Comics #2

A member of the Freakshow Squadron is ironically in a freakshow! A debate over the legitimacy of “dibs” is risen at the Freakshow Squadron's house! Plus, bonus comic “Go Pop Chibins! Tale One!”!

24 pages

Freakshow Squadron Comics #3

This issue concludes the two-part story “The Mole Men Strike Back”! Submutant and Verloren attempt to escape Ted's freakshow! And who really killed the king of the Mole Men? Plus, bonus story “The Torturer's Diary”!

24 pages

Freakshow Squadron Comics #4

Many new characters are introduced in this amazing issue, including an artist who believes that everyone must share his artistic opinions! Additionally, Verloren gets her own room in the Freakshow Squadron's house! 
Plus, bonus comic “Go Pop Chibins! Tale Two!”!

24 pages

Freakshow Squadron Comics #5

“Mentally Bruised” part 2 of 2! Dr. Polosis' scheme is unveiled! The Freakshow Squadron begin to fall apart, to the point where Verloren leaves the house in tears, The Globster resigns from the team, and Submutant starts to write a suicide note. Plus, bonus story “Untold Tales of the Freaks 1″, detailing Verloren's past!

24 pages

Freakshow Squadron Comics #6

In part one of the two part story “Conquer All Planets!”, the Freakshow Squadron hang out at the mall food court and talk about food, movies, and Monstrosity's kigurumi Grampa. Suddenly, the group encounters… aliens?? That's right! Plus, bonus story “The Weekly Ruse”!

24 pages

Freakshow Squadron Comics #7

The Freakshow Squadron must stop the evil alien Ultraumatons! But things only get worse when the team's archenemy, the infamous Vileklaw, unexpectedly interferes!  Don't miss Frog-Face buy a donut at the convenience store, either! Yes, it all happens in this conclusion of the two part “Conquer All Planets!” story! Plus, bonus comic “Go Pop Chibins! Tale Three!”!

24 pages